Bike ride down the tubes…

Sometimes during a crummy week, I like to get out on my bicycle and just let off some steam. Sometimes it’s on the road bike, other times it’s on the mountain bike. This week, I had hoped to get out on the mountain bike and go for a ride with a friend on the local single track in town.

I had it all planned and the week had been quite crummy, starting out being sick and going mostly downhill from there. I could talk about the reasons, but they are irrelevant and annoying. Suffice it to say I needed to go for a ride.

When I went to take the ride I so desperately needed…. I found this:


The tire that has been patched multiple times, flat again. I’d had enough.

The tires and wheels I have are “tubeless” ready, which means I have to buy a kit and install it to be able to run my tires without tubes. So I bought this:

I will be installing it on my bike this week. Perhaps I’ll make a snapguide to illustrate the process.  I’ve never done a snapguide before and it might be kind of fun.

So I’ll be going tubeless. and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about that in the near future. Look for a post having something to do with tublessness soon.