It’s too hot to ride that far…

The little voice in my head, the one that I ignore so often, was telling me that going for a bike ride in the heat, without working up to it was a bad idea. I ignored it again. La la la la I’m not listening….

At mile 14.8 I purchased an ice cream sandwich (and I am not getting a kick back at all…Seriously) It was quite possibly the best ice cream sandwich I have ever eaten. Don’t get the wrong idea, I was calorie deprived, hot, sweaty, hungry and feeling a little bit bothered in several ways I don’t really want to go into. The “It’s It ice cream sandwich” is delicious even when those things aren’t true.

Knowing that I was 14 miles from my destination, and it seemed to be getting hotter, the ice cream was the only thing that got me half way and that carried me to the finish line. I’d like to say it was will power, or nerves of steel, or just stubbornness, but it was the promise of chocolatey oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich goodness that drove me onward and fueled my return trip.

Thank you to the nice people at the Lacomb Store for having these delicacies available for weary (and I mean WEARY) travelers. Bless you.

28.2 miles total @ 84.4 degrees F. average over 2:02.34. Not bad for a fat guy, on a bike ,in the hot, without any prep. Eh?

Keep riding.


2 thoughts on “It’s too hot to ride that far…

  1. You know where our BARN is and house is behind on if ever in need of water or rest you are welcome. As for ice cream I can only offer you Weight Watchers fudge bars ; ) Happy riding…..

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